Jul 5, 2012

A Happy 4th

 We had a very relaxing Fourth of July yesterday.  Richard had to go to his clinical at the hospital (his clinical is an 8 week program that has him shadowing and working with a physical therapist) and I was lucky enough to babysit the cutest little three year old all day.  
We then went over to our wonderful neighbor's home for a most excellent barbecue dinner.  We watched half of the movie "Independence Day" together before a huge storm ended our party a little early.  But we already have plans to reconvene tonight to finish the movie and put on a little firework show!  Yay for summer! 

A fourth of July puppy.  I found this adorable dachshund flannel fabric at Jo Ann's the other day and couldn't resist. 
Sunflowers from our garden! 
A three year old project.  You can't go wrong with glue.  She loved it. 

While babysitting we played with magnetic letters which were very appropriately colored. 
While naptime I crafted up this to hang in our nursery.  And, by the way, what is more precious than a sleeping child?  I loved checking on her because she was so peaceful and adorable!  It was so fun to have our house a mess yesterday, full of blocks and books and toys.     

 Hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July! 

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  1. sounds like a fun day! definitely agree that there's nothing more peaceful and lovely than a sleeping child. Love that little wall-hanging for the nursery, so sweet! And using star cookie cutters for the watermelon is such a good, festive idea! i'll have to try that!