Oct 23, 2011

a new week, a new hope.

Just a few things to be happy about this week: 

1.  Halloween week!  Richard and I have big plans to be ketchup and mustard since our puppy is going to be a hot dog.  :)  We're going to go to our Church trunk or treat and get ready for the real trick or treat next week! 
2.  apple cider in our fridge
3.  a wonderful email from a wonderful friend. 
4.  a plan for our nursery.  I'm planning it so that it will be for either a boy or a girl and then I can add more boyish or girlish details later.  I love it so far! 
5.  listening to General Conference talks on the way to work each morning. 
6.  my mums are blooming beautifully!  Yellows, oranges, and reds are taking over our garden and I love it! 
7.  roasted pumpkin seeds. 
8.  a resolve to more fully be there for my students this week.  Listen to them more, smile with them more, laugh with them more, read to them more. 
9.  29 more days until Thanksgiving break.  YAY!
10.  our big date to Jo Ann fabric tomorrow evening to buy fabric for our costumes.  And fabric for our nursery. 

Oct 9, 2011

todays happiness.

just a few things to be happy about now:
1.  three day weekend!  Can we get a "hallelujah!?"  School has officially been in session for 6 weeks now and although it has been a good year of teaching I am so ready for a little break and an easier week this coming week!
2.  a fun trip with my parents and husband yesterday.  they took us on a fun train ride up in the beautiful mountains.  we enjoyed the fall leaves, yummy snacks, and saw some eagles!
3.  fall treats. my list of things to bake is getting longer and longer each day.
4.  my third bowl of cocoa krispies today.
5.  stake conference (this weekend) and general conference (last weekend) that has just let me uplifted and strengthened.  now I just need to put into practice all that I learned.
6.  working on a scrapbook.
7.  carly's (our puppy) baby book that came in the mail!  now before you think I'm totally crazy, we had a coupon and so it was free.
8.  listening to Christmas music.  yes, I know it is October.
9.  BIRTHDAY week!  and the permission that Richard gave me to do some "hardcore birthday shopping" (his words, not mine!) tomorrow for myself.  I AM SO EXCITED. Ross, Old Navy, Target, Famous Footwear, Hobby Lobby, here I come!
10.  happiness that comes from following the Lord's plan.  every once in awhile I feel the need to look up things about in-vitro and other medical procedures that could maybe, possibly, perhaps work for us.  but then I feel really, really cranky.  and I'm learning that the Lord's plan is always better than mine and when I follow it, I feel much happier.  adoption is way for us right now.  it's hard waiting but it will be worth it in the end.