Mar 20, 2012

on faith.

It takes faith to do most things.  
Faith to leave home, faith to follow a dream, faith to start a new career, 
and faith to start a family.  
President Monson says "your future is as bright as your faith."  
And I believe that.  I believe that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us.  
A beautiful, wonderful, amazing plan.
I feel like our little family's faith has been tested time and time again.  
First we had to have the faith to start our family.  
Then we had to have the faith to keep trying when things were hard and not working.  
We had to have faith to go to the doctors and to find out bad news.  
We had to have faith to start looking into adoption.  
We continue to have faith in adoption.  
I feel like our faith has had to grow and expand and become stronger.  
I've always had faith in the gospel and in my Heavenly Father and in my Savior.  
But now it has been tough.  
It is sometimes a challenge to keep the faith when so many prayers seemingly go unanswered.  
But I think it's saying something that we continue to offer those prayers and we continue to not only believe, but know, that all our prayers are and will be answered. 
I know our faith and our testimonies are being tested. 
Because it's for our good.