1.  Why are you adopting?
Simply put, we are adopting because we know we will find our baby through adoption.  We know that we have been led from infertility to adoption through our Heavenly Father and we know that our baby is coming through adoption and that we will be blessed to meet and love incredible people along the way.

2.  Richard is in a tough grad school program so how will you take care of a baby?  Will Emily still work?
Our plan is for Emily to stay home with our baby.  We have talked about this and are working hard right now to save as much money as we can.  We realize that we may only be blessed with one sweet baby and we don't want to miss a thing.  Babies don't keep and we have searched so long for our baby that we don't want to then have a nanny or babysitter, etc.  We will do everything we can for Emily to be able to stay home with our sweet baby.  Babies don't keep. 

3.  Do you want to have an open adoption?
YES!  We both have sisters who are adopted and even though they know who they are and that they are absolutely part of the family and that we will all be together forever, it is still hard for them to not know much about their birth parents.  We want our baby to know exactly who his or her birth parents are, what they do, how they grew up, what they like, etc.  We want our baby to know how loved he or she truly is.  We want our baby to know the love that his or her birth parents has for him or her.

4.  What adoption agency are you using?
Our adoption agency is LDS Family Services.  LDS stands for The Church of Latter-day Saints.  This agency works primarily with domestic adoptions.  With our agency the birth parents can view many hopeful adoptive couple's profiles (on the website).  The birth parents are able to select the family that they wish to place their baby with.  You are view their website HERE and our adoption profile with them HERE.

5.  Are your families open to adoption?
Yes!  We both have sisters who are adopted!  We love adoption in our family!

6.  What can I do to help?
Just getting our name, blog, profile out there is the best way to help!  We have a button (located on the right side of our blog) that you can add to your blog.  You can also help just by talking about our hope to adopt with friends, family, ward members, anyone you encounter!  The more people who are aware of our hope to adopt the better chance we have of our birth parents finding us!  Thank you, thank you!