Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Education: Bachelors degree in Elementary Education
Occupation: Kindergarten teacher
Favorites: crafting, chocolate, chick flicks, photography, scarves
(as told by Richard)  
As Emily told you in her description of me, the two of us have been dating since 2003.  After our marriage in 2006 I have loved every day with her.  This should not come as a surprise to anyone who has ever had the privilege of knowing her.  I’m sure they would agree with me when I say that she is the most kind and loving person I have ever known.  Her concern for other’s well being and happiness is often the overriding force in the decisions she makes and the things she does.  Her love for others has always been a great example to me.
Another reason why my wife is so awesome is because she loves to have fun in lots of different ways.  It seems like she is always finding some fun event that is going on somewhere close by that both of us have a lot of fun with.  A few examples include the festival of colors, (a Hindu celebration where you get to throw colored chalk at everyone and you come out looking like a dirty rainbow) and the lake festival where the local state park offered free admission for the day and had lots cool booths and a free lunch. 
Emily is a very creative person that always has a few plans of things she wants to make.  Her creative creations have ranged from designing and building wreaths for all the different seasons to making cards to painting signs we have around to house.  She loves decorating and creating and our home has benefited greatly from all of her projects.
Tradition is another very important thing to Emily.  As a kid her family had lots of traditions that she loved and has implemented in our marriage as well.  These include making monkey bread Christmas morning before opening presents and going to the same beach house every summer for the family vacation.  (She had lots of traditions for each day at the beach house as well but we would be here all day if I wrote about all of them).  Since getting married we have made a few traditions of our own, most notably our holiday pizzas.  For each of the major holidays we make a home made pizza in the shape of something related to that holiday.  For example each Christmas we dye the mozzarella cheese green, cut the pizza dough in the shape of a tree and use pepperonis as the red ornaments on our Christmas tree pizza.  Let me tell you, it’s pretty awesome.
Most likely stemming from her annual beach trip Emily loves the ocean.  We have gone on several trips to lots of different beaches since being married and have had lots of fun.  Eventually I wore Emily down and convinced her to go snorkeling which she had been a little afraid of at first, but she has grown to really enjoy it.  We have seen lots of amazing fish and even a small octopus once.  My next goal is to get her scuba diving.  That will be quite the achievement.  

Needless to say, Emily is the coolest person ever.