Aug 29, 2012

a beautiful plan

Heavenly Father has the most beautiful plan for us.  For our family, for each of us.  
I don't know what it is yet but I know it is beautiful and perfect and amazing.  

"He knows your sacrifices and your sorrows.  He hears your prayers.  His peace and rest will be yours as you continue to wait upon Him in faith.  Every one of us is more beloved to the Lord than we can possibly understand or imagine."
Elder Robert D. Hales

Aug 27, 2012

Where We've Been: Beach Week

My (Emily) family goes to the same beach house at the same beach every single summer.  It is wonderful and this year was no exception!  We were only sad that my sister, brother, and new sister-in-law couldn't join us. 
At the beginning of August we had a very fun beach week at the Outer Banks!  
Here are the highlights:  
*spending time with my parents and brother
*watching Carly chase the crabs!  Don't worry, we didn't let her get too close.  
*eating some delicious shrimp 
*boogie boarding in the waves!  
*seeing dolphins from the shore every single day 
*reading and Olympics watching 
*driving my brother's Jeep Wrangler out onto the beach - you have to have 4 wheel drive to get to some of the northern most towns.  
*ice cream and lots of food!