Age: 25
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Education: Bachelors degree in Exercise Science/Pursuing Doctorate of Physical Therapy
Favorites: scuba diving, camping, action movies, coin collecting

 (as told by Emily)

When Richard and I first started dating in 2003 I started something I call "the Richard list" in the back of my journal. In every journal since I have had a "Richard list." On this list I write down the cute things he does each day and the funny things he says and all the things I love about him. Over the years this list has grown pretty long! Mostly because Richard is always sweet and always funny!

Richard makes me laugh daily. He does and says such funny things. For example one of our bits is that whenever I ask him what I'm getting from him (or from anyone else) for Christmas or my birthday, he always says "a rubber chicken!"

Richard is adventurous. He likes what he likes and doesn't really care if other people make fun of it because of him. I like to call some of his hobbies (coin collecting and wood working) "old man hobbies" teasingly, but he always takes everything in stride and enjoys the things he enjoys, no matter what I or anybody says! He also recently took up scuba diving and loves it! He never does anything only half-heartedly!

Richard is planning on being a physical therapist after his next three years of grad school! He is looking forward to someday having his own practice! He loves the idea of helping people who are injured get better. He is compassionate and kind.

I love Richard! I know he will be a great dad someday to our children.