Jul 10, 2012

completed nursery!

A few months ago we posted about our nursery.  At that point it was mostly done but still needed a few things, including a crib.  Well a few months later we got a crib and have been working on the finishing touches every since.  And this morning we finished!  
I love our nursery.  It is probably my favorite room in the house!  I love our nursery theme and I love all the handmade items, made out of love by us and others. 
Now we all we need is our baby!  Hopefully coming soon.  We can't wait to see a sweet little baby in this sweet little nursery. 
Here are the photos of the finished room!  


  1. oh, i love it so, SO much! I can totally see why it's your favorite room in the house. All the little details are so cute and appropriate, you can tell your baby is already SO loved!

  2. so cute!! we have a few more things to do before posting our nursery as a whole. we have the same cube bookshelf but in white. and i LOVE what you did for over the bassinet!

  3. It is so cute! I absolutely love all the little birdies!