Our Family

About our little family:  (scroll down to see more about our parents and siblings)
We love to have fun!  This is at the Festival of Colors!  You throw colored chalk all around! 

In our neighborhood with our cute little puppy, Carly! 

We love to go on fun vacations together.  This was on our cruise to Mexico and the Bahamas! 

We love to go to the beach! 

About our immediate families:  

Emily has two great parents, one older sister, and two younger brothers.  Her Dad works for the government and knows everything you could ever imagine about computers, cameras, knitting, HAM radios, and everything else.  He loves to read and owns over 1000 books.  He passed this love of reading onto all of his children.  Emily's mom is a preschool teacher.  She has another business of weaving and has been weaving for as long as Emily can remember.  She creates beautiful towels, rugs, and scarves that she sells at craft fairs.  She raised her children with love and optimism.  Emily's sister has recently graduated with a PhD in statistics and is working in Texas.  She has a great job, a very cute puppy, and a good life!  Both of Emily's brothers recently completed missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  One of them went to the Philippines and one to Brazil.  They are both attending school right now - one at Brigham Young University - Idaho and one at Brigham Young University - Utah.  When Emily and her siblings were little they loved to go to the library with their mom, eat monster toast (a special mom creation), and play in their backyard.  They enjoyed trips to the park and to the pool.  They made up adventures about riding their bikes to California and having a ship in their backyard!  They built a balance beam and a see-saw using wood in the backyard and basically just lived it up! 

Here are some pictures of Emily's family: 
Emily's Mom and Dad on their wedding day. 
We had this picture taken in 2004 and had it framed for our Mom and Dad.  We took it with the fire truck because Emily's Dad and brother volunteered at the Fire Station at the time. 
Emily and her brother acting crazy during a family road trip to the beach. 

Emily's Dad at our annual beach sand castle building contest. 
We found some party hats in a closet at the beach house and so we decided to have a little party! 
Emily, her mom, and her sister. 
We love to have fun! 
Emily's two brothers when they were younger.
On Christmas morning. 

Richard has two great parents and one younger sister.  Richard was five when his parents adopted his younger sister.  He remembers being very excited about her coming home!  Richard's Dad has a great job.  He loves to play golf, wood work, and scuba dive with Richard.  Richard's Mom loves to craft and spend time with Richard, his dad, and his sister.  She has the most amazing craft room full of all the craft supplies you could ever need!  She sews, scrapbooks, makes cards, and makes quilts!  Richard's sister is currently attending college.  She is an excellent writer! 
Richard's family loves to travel together. They have been to many places including Scotland, Alaska, and the Carribbean.  They enjoy playing games together and eating together!  

Here are some pictures of Richard's family: 
Richard and his sister
He made an awesome safety patrol! 

Richard and his sister on Pioneer Day
Richard and his Dad. 
The most recent family photo - last Christmas. 
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