Our Story

Once upon a time there was a sweet 15 year old and a handsome 17 year old high school player.  The handsome football player asked the sweet 15 year old on a date to a high school dance.  Many dates later they realized they were in love.  The rest is history.  

After graduating high school together Richard and Emily headed out on an adventure to Brigham Young University where Emily worked towards her degree in elementary/early childhood education.  Richard studied for a semester before putting his education on hold in order to serve a mission in California.  He preached the gospel for two years while Emily studied, made some best friends, and wrote Richard letters.  She dated some boys while Richard was gone, but none of them could ever compete with Richard!  

Richard came home from his mission and Emily was so excited to see him!  But nervous too!  She put on her favorite pink shirt and got ready for his arrival!  He pulled up, they saw each other, they started talking, and it was almost like he never left.  They picked up right where they left off - each of them a little more grown up and slightly wiser.  They continued to fall in love as they both continued studying at BYU. 

On Emily's 20th birthday Richard proposed and Emily said "yes!"  

Emily and Richard have been married for almost five years and have had many wonderful moments together as a little family of two!  They love each other and spending time together hiking, playing board games, hanging out with friends and family, and playing with their sweet little puppy, Carly! 

Richard and Emily tried to have a baby for many years before finding out that they won't ever be able to have a baby on their own.  This news led them immediately to adoption.  They know adoption is what is right for their family.  Both Emily and Richard have sisters which are adopted, which they know is no coincidence.  

Adoption is how Richard and Emily are going to get their sweet baby.  Not necessarily as a last resort but as a beautiful opportunity.  They may not be able to have babies on their own but they will find their baby, the one that is meant to be theirs.  That sweet little baby will just be coming in a very special way.