Jun 2, 2012

sweet summertime

We have been enjoying beautiful summertime weather over here.  Richard is done with finals and I'm almost done teaching for the year.  We are loving our crazy and wild life over here! 
our beautiful tree outside our house
My brothers and Richard enjoying some carnival food
delicious deep fried oreos!
My two brothers and I
We are growing lettuce! 

Washington D.C.'s Eastern Market

We ended our Saturday in D.C. with a trip to our favorite monument, the World War 2 monument. 
We love summertime!  We have also been doing a lot of strawberry picking, bike riding, and dog walking.  We are so excited for more summer adventures including a family reunion, my brother's wedding, and time with friends! 


  1. 1. I am so insanely jealous that Richard is already done with the semester! (Bryan already had finals but he has this whole extra week of practice case studies. Boo.)

    2. It looks like you guys are already having so much summer fun!

    3. I am so excited to see you guys this summer! Yay yay!

  2. I was SOOOOOO excited to see a new post up!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of you and Carly in front of the tree. GORGEOUS! Makes me so jealous that you live somewhere pretty and that you're so pretty! And looking at all of these pictures makes me miss you guys so terribly. I really hope you can come visit us for a few days in August! PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAASE?!!!! :)

  3. YAY for a new Emily post!!! I've missed reading about what you're up to! It definitely looks as though you're keeping busy and having lots of fun! Those pics of corn dogs and fried oreos (which I've never had, btw) got me craving a midnight snack! ;) You're looking beautiful as ever. I just love that first picture with the tree blossoms!

  4. I love the Eastern Market!! We always try to make it there! Glad to see that you guys are doing well!