Jun 12, 2012

if you came over today.

If you came over today, I'd invite you in out of the rain.  I would ask you if you wanted to take your shoes off and get comfy.  I'd give you a red mug full of steaming hot chocolate because there is just something about cozying up with hot chocolate, no matter the season.  Especially on a rainy day.

If you came over today, I would ask how you are and I would be so excited to listen to your stories about life.  I would tell you about Richard and I and how we are making it one day at a time.

If you came over today, I would tell you that I'm trying to learn to not waste my time, that it is a bad habit I've gotten into over the past few years.  I would tell you that I'm learning to do the things that matter most.  I would tell you that I am loving reading the scriptures more and more each day and that reading them just fills me with light.

If you came over today, you would see a huge mess of paper and crafting supplies.  I might ask you to help me make some mail for the Young Women's camp that I'm in charge of next week.  I might ask you to cut some paper or write up a cute quote.

If you came over today, Carly would be so happy to see you!  She would jump up and sit on your lap and cry until you pet her.  She would bring you her toys and would want you to take her on a walk.

If you came over today, I would ask you to stay for dinner.  I would tell you that we are probably having fish and chips (our version of a Great Britain meal - nothing fancy though).  You could help me cut the potatoes and bake them in the oven for some delicious fries.  We could make a fancy dessert together or maybe, if it had stopped raining, we could ride our bikes over to the local ice cream stand where they make the best soft served ice cream you might ever have.

If you came over today, I would show you our nursery and ask you to pray that our little baby might find his or her way there soon.  I would show you how we are almost done decorating and the little baby clothes we recently bought.  I would excitedly tell you about the little baby projects I want to work on.

If you came over today, it would sure be a lovely time.


  1. I wish I could come over! It sounds so very lovely! And I miss you my friend! If I'm ever anywhere near where you live, you can be sure I will come over. :)

  2. I want to come over! Sending prayers your way!

  3. I so wish I could come over today. We would definitely have the loveliest of times!

  4. Emily, I loved this post, it was beautiful and just made me want to come and visit you! And, by the way I think you have the most beautiful baby crib I have ever seen, I love it, where on earth did you find it. It really is gorgeous and I know there that your baby is going to be so cozy in it one day. Have fun at girls camp next week, those were such fun times, I'm jealous!

  5. this is lovely. what a great day we would have! thinking of you friend!

  6. What a cute post! I too love hot chocolate in EVERY season. In fact, it's 102 degrees today, and I am still craving it! :)

    Your nursery is darling!

    Oh, and I too waste too much time--it's a hard habit to break, but I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in it!