Apr 2, 2012

on a few random updates

Life has been a little busy over here but I wanted to give a few updates on us and what we're up to!

1.  A few months ago we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary!  Woot Woot!  We didn't do anything exciting but had a fun and quiet day at home together.  We watched a BYU game, went out for dinner, and did some shopping at our favorite store:  Target!  

2.  We bought a crib for the nursery!  I will post pictures of it soon!  It is beautiful and I love it! 

3.  We celebrated St. Patrick's day in style with green desserts at a dessert party.  

4.  Currently we are a bunch of sickies.  Richard and I are both sick and the poor puppy threw up this morning.  But on the upside:  I didn't have to work this week anyways since it is my spring break!  

5.  It is my spring break!  Yay!  I have big plans to sit on the couch...and probably do some fun projects.  Oh and a few not so fun projects like clean out the car and organize the files.  

6.  We went to a used book sale at the library and came home with a few new books...and pink eye.  

7.  We have been working in our garden and we planted a strawberry plant!  I love it!  

8.  We had a water fight in the kitchen after Richard scared me when I was getting a drink.  To get him back I proceeded to dump my drink on his head...which may have led to a water fight in the kitchen.  :)    


  1. Boo on being sick over your spring break! I hope you all feel better soon and that you're still able to enjoy it! Sounds like a lot of other fun things have been going on too! Happy Anniversary! It's so great that you guys can still have water fights and goof off after being married for five years. :)

  2. The water fight sounds super fun!

  3. No fun to be sicky on spring break (and you guys have had to be sick over 2 spring breaks now! ugh!), but I'm glad you get the time to rest and relax a little! If we were closer I would bring you some soup. :)

  4. I'll bet you're on the mend by now. It was fun to read the updates on your life. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers!