Oct 23, 2011

a new week, a new hope.

Just a few things to be happy about this week: 

1.  Halloween week!  Richard and I have big plans to be ketchup and mustard since our puppy is going to be a hot dog.  :)  We're going to go to our Church trunk or treat and get ready for the real trick or treat next week! 
2.  apple cider in our fridge
3.  a wonderful email from a wonderful friend. 
4.  a plan for our nursery.  I'm planning it so that it will be for either a boy or a girl and then I can add more boyish or girlish details later.  I love it so far! 
5.  listening to General Conference talks on the way to work each morning. 
6.  my mums are blooming beautifully!  Yellows, oranges, and reds are taking over our garden and I love it! 
7.  roasted pumpkin seeds. 
8.  a resolve to more fully be there for my students this week.  Listen to them more, smile with them more, laugh with them more, read to them more. 
9.  29 more days until Thanksgiving break.  YAY!
10.  our big date to Jo Ann fabric tomorrow evening to buy fabric for our costumes.  And fabric for our nursery. 


  1. That all sounds amazing. Especially the apple cider, general conference talks, and nursery planning. :)

  2. OH MY GOODNESS, you HAVE to post pictures of your costumes! How totally clever!!!

    And I can't wait to see pictures of your nursery too! How exciting!!!

    Keep enjoying all the wonderful things in life -- and good luck with your goals with your students this week!

  3. Will you post some pictures of your costumes? I bet you guys look awesome :)

  4. Hey Richard and Emily,

    I clicked over from Katie's blog and just wanted to wish you all the best with your adoption. We have had many friends blessed through adoption and know it can be a miracle for all involved. Your blog is great and I feel like I know you after just clicking around for a few minutes. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for ya. :)

    Also, I really appreciate your sincerity about your struggle with infertility as well as your optimism and faith. Reading your story was an important reminder to me of how what a precious gift each child truly is.