Sep 8, 2011

The Wait

The two weeks are past.
I sit and I wait.
Not this month of last.
"Oh well" I say with a smile,
We haven't been trying but for awhile.

Now more months are gone.
I sit and I wait.
And I wonder if something could be wrong.
I wait for the two lines but only see one.
Tears start to flow as I feel darkness shatter my sun.

Needles, pain, and one more test.
I sit and I wait.
Hoping for some sort of rest.
Rest from this sad story that can't be mine.
But we still only see one little pink line.

Days pass, nervous and grim.
I sit and I wait.
The phone rings; the outlook is dim.
We hear the news and sit in shock.
We're shaking our heads, we can't even talk.

We pray in faith to be led.
I sit and I wait.
While the Spirit whispers and a few tears are shed.
We know the Lord's plan for our family to be.
His plan we finally are able to see.

More obstacles and more trials.
I sit and I wait.
The road of infertility has many miles.
But our hearts begin to mend,
And we know it will be alright in the end.

And so,
I sit and I wait.
And although sometimes feeling so low,
I know good things come to those who wait.
Some blessings come soon and some come late.

Our paperwork is done.
I sit and I wait.
We dream of nurseries and baby fun.
And we wait to be told
The news that will help this story unfold.

As time moves on
I sit and I wait
And anticipate a brighter new dawn.
A day when we will finally be
A little bit bigger family.

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